Inray Fuel

FuelControl continuously measures the quality of solid fuels using X-ray technology. The system produces real-time fuel quality data that can be utilized in e.g. fuel pricing and process optimization. The system is ideal for medium-sized and large power plants, fuel suppliers, and bio-refineries who wish to improve their production.

System features

  • Suitable for all solid biofuels
  • Real-time monitoring of moisture, foreign substance concentration levels, and energy content
  • Total survey (not based on samples); measures everything carried on the conveyor
  • Suitable for emission permit and renewable energy subsidy control measurements
  • Compatible with all modern automation and management systems
  • Safe source of electromagnetic radiation and extensive security arrangements

Savings from a multitude of sources

Fuel expenses

Calculates the exact energy content per load, taking into consideration the impurities of the fuel in addition to moisture.

Operating and maintenance costs

Fuel quality variation causes production losses and other extra expenses. Most of this can be avoided through the utilization of real-time quality control.

Sampling and analysis costs

The thousands of samples required each year are a significant labor and analysing expense. The need for samples and analyses can be reduced to a fraction of this with Inray Fuel.

Ash treatment costs

The amount of ash produced can be reduced through reducing impurities.


Sudden variations in fuel quality contribute to an increase in e.g. carbon monoxide and NOx emissions. Consistent quality of fuel allows for more control over emissions and saves in equipment maintenance costs.